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Join Orbiting to make new friends, discover events and gigs around you, find campus or neighbourhood communities, monetize your talent, & much more!

World’s 1st Geo Centric Social & Networking platform




Our Mission

To connect the world online and encourage people to experience it offline.

We have crafted a unique way for you to make friends, explore the world and win rewards.

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Game On

Play Mode

Immerse in geo fenced Entertainment







Go Treasure - Hunting

Crypto Tokens


Reward Coupons

NFT Badges

as you explore your surroundings, discover new places and people to hang out with, & HAVE A BLAST…!!!

Step out and play real-world games

Make fun more rewarding with Orbiting!

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Take Control


Discover your world with Chakra! Set a radius, select interest areas, and get notified about events, activities and people in your location – wherever you go!

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True & Fair

A Web 2.5 Tale

Orbiting is a Web 2.5 platform that gives you 100% transparency in wallet-based transactions with 100% privacy for your conversations, media and activities.

Being a Web 2.5 social platform allows Orbiting to offer you Web 3 benefits such as the wallet, digital identity, NFT’s, Smart contracts, badges and transactions, and other features backed by blockchain technology.

De-centralized Modules :


Orbiting users can buy, store, and trade NFTs from businesses, creators, artists, and solopreneurs using their blockchain-deployed wallets. Users can also trade and win NFT Badges as rewards.


The world’s 1st platform to give digital wallets to virtual communities.


Orbiting tokens, the platform's native currency, supports in-app commerce. Create content, win geo-centric challenges, participate in outdoor activities, and more to earn Orbiting tokens!

Smart Contracts

Manage digital identities, track transactions, and secure the voting process for community managers with in-built smart contracts.

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Get Empowered

Power of Orbits

Behold the power of a micro social network within an Orbit.

Power of Voting

Truly democratic and transparent voting based on smart contracts

Power of Communication

 HD video & audio calls, and IM for groups and one-on-one conversations

Power of Interaction

Group chats and calls with 1000+ participants

Power of Transaction

Quick & secure transactions through a blockchain-powered wallet

Power of Administration

Fair and democratic representations of communities

Power of Ease

One-screen dashboard to find nearby activities, orbit feeds and gaming updates

Community Wallets

Worlds 1st platform to provide digital wallet for communities.

So how do Orbits work?

Simply join an online community (Orbit) or create one based on your interest and geolocation. Communicate within your Orbit using voice/text/video chats and easily buy & sell stuff using fiat money or digital tokens. Create or join an Orbit for free!

The next-gen online communities will be democratic, more collaborative spaces that double up as decentralized marketplaces  and Orbiting is at the forefront of making this happen!

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Share Awesomeness


Here’s how Orbiting is making your social experiences safer, smarter and super-immersive:

Audio Captions

World’s 1st platform with Audio Captions. Record your post caption in your own voice!

Redeemable Points

Earn points for using Orbiting and redeem them for cool in-app activities, reward coupons and exchange them into our Native Token.

Shuffle Share

Share any activity, event or post with five random people across the platform or community at random.


Create audio rooms for hundreds of people to come together to discuss, share thoughts and swap stories!

Direct messaging

Maintain privacy with a one-on-one direct messaging option as you explore exciting micro features in chats.

Audio & Video Calls

Influence a growing fanbase. Add 1000s of users to your chat channels!

Community-Based Marketplace

Buy, sell or barter NFTs, tokens, badges, and more in Orbit marketplaces.

Tradeable Badges

Badges are NFTs with special utilities that you can trade securely on the Orbiting marketplaces.

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Build Together


We want to help users, institutions, and creators build better and more interactive communities.

Start your Orbit

Every community should have an awesome person like you to lead it.
Enroll with us and become a community manager
A lit Internship programme.

  • Stipend
  • Get Crazy Merchandise
  • Monthly Incentives
  • Opportunity to lead a community
  • Stronger Network
We are 



Is Orbiting free to use?

Yes, Orbiting is free to use for all users.

How can I create an account on Orbiting?

To create an account on Orbiting, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and sign up using your email address or phone number.

Can I use Orbiting to network with professionals in my industry?

Yes, you can use Orbiting to connect with professionals in your industry and expand your professional network. Simply update your interests and search for users with similar interests or professions.

Can I use Orbiting to find local events or meetups?

Yes, Orbiting allows users to search for local events and meetups based on their interests and location. You can also create your own events and invite others to attend.

How does Orbiting ensure user safety and privacy?

Orbiting takes user safety and privacy very seriously, and has various measures in place to protect users. For example, users can choose to only share certain information with their connections, and can report any inappropriate behavior or content to the Orbiting team for review.

Can I use Orbiting to promote my business or brand?

Yes, Orbiting can be a great tool for promoting your business or brand, as long as it is done in a genuine and authentic way. You can share updates about your business, connect with potential customers or collaborators, and participate in discussions related to your industry.

Can I customize my profile on Orbiting?

Yes, you can customize your profile on Orbiting by adding a profile picture, bio, and interests. You can also choose to connect your other social media accounts to your Orbiting profile.

How can I find users to connect with on Orbiting?

Orbiting uses a unique algorithm to match users based on their interests and values, so you can easily find users who share your passions. You can also search for users based on specific interests or professions, or join groups related to your interests.

Can I use Orbiting on my desktop computer?

Currently, Orbiting is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. However, there may be plans to develop a web-based version in the future.

How can I report inappropriate behavior or content on Orbiting?

If you encounter any inappropriate behavior or content on Orbiting, you can report it to the Orbiting team by clicking on the "Report" button on the user's profile or content. The team will review the report and take appropriate action if necessary

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